Information and Data: The Road Ahead
 The 5th Petar Šarčević International Scientific Conference    Opatija, 6-7 October 2017

Information and Data: The Road Ahead

The 5th Petar Šarčević International Scientific Conference

Opatija, 6-7 October 2017

The 5th Petar Šarčević International Scientific Conference is a two-day event dedicated to issues of protection of confidential information, business secrets and personal data in the context of technological advancement and resulting economic and social developments. These topics are important both for the ones whose information and data are at stake and those who have an interest in knowing or using them. Given the recent EU legislation and case-law, the need for compliance is pressuring upon not only for EU-based companies, but also others whose operations involve EU residents.


Protection of confidential information v access/disclosure

The right to access information aims at protecting public interest by narrowing the private interest in keeping the business or professional information secret. Where to draw the line between these two rights is one of the most difficult questions to be answered by legislators and different competent bodies on European and national level.

Managing data protection: A tall order for controllers and subjects

Information and data are of essential value to both natural and legal persons. With digitalisation, internet and development of new business models their economic value is increasing exponentially. In today’s world a huge mass of personal data is digitally collected, processed, transmitted or otherwise used and are transferred as a part of the commercial transitions between corporations. The continuous assessment of the legislators’ and courts’ attempts to provide better regulation in the area of personal data protection is needed.

Litigation in the midst of economic and technological changes

Although there is no universal definition of personality rights, people in the entire world equally feel the effects that the economic and social changes triggered by technological advancements have over their personality rights. Be it a teenager who is active on a social network or a multinational company which is relying on its reputation, their personality rights are exposed to high risk of being violated. Efficient protection of these fundamental rights of humans and combining public and private enforcement to that end are issues of primary importance in the forthcoming years.

Who should attend

The conference is intended for all participants to legal relations in which questions of protection of use of one’s own or other person’s information or data are posed – specialised law professionals from both public and private sector. It is also aimed at competent regulatory and application bodies, including agencies, courts, law offices, notary publics and state attorneys.

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